Nightguards are an appliance that is often used to fight certain behaviors at night for your dental health. Bruxism, or grinding the teeth together, is a common problem, and it can quickly wear down the teeth. Nightguards can help to prevent this by keeping the teeth in place. They can also help in the treatment of TMJ pain. When you get a nightguard, it’s important to wear it as often as the dentist recommends for the best results.


Bruxism is a common problem that many patients have. However, it can be highly destructive to a patient’s teeth, and it can be painful. Bruxism happens when you clench your teeth at night and grind them together. This behavior while sleeping can lead to pain in the jaw as well as teeth that get worn down too quickly. However, many people don’t realize that they’re engaging in the behavior until the dentist notices the wear on the teeth.

It’s also common for bruxism to cause a wide range of other symptoms and problems. It can cause you to have a headache when you wake up. It can also cause pain in your face and soreness in the jaw. It’s a common cause of TMJ pain. It can also lead to a lack of sleep that leads to fatigue.

If it happens just once in a while, it may not be much of a problem. However, when the behavior continues over the long term, it can lead to a loss of enamel on the teeth, broken teeth, and when it gets to be severe, teeth can be lost. It isn’t known exactly what causes bruxism, but it is related to anxiety and stress. It may also be caused by smoking cigarettes, using alcohol, taking in caffeine It may also be caused by having crooked teeth, snoring, sleep apnea, or having a bite that is abnormal.

Using Nightguards

When a patient has bruxism, it can often be treated effectively with the use of a nightguard. This is a guard that you wear on your teeth every night. There are many other names for nightguards, including bite splints, mouth guards, and dental guards. They treat bruxism by creating a barrier that fits in between your teeth.

When you wear a nightguard and clench your jaw, it lessens the tension in the clenching, and it cushions the jaw muscles. This can help patients prevent getting pain in the jaw and face. It also helps to protect the important tooth enamel that can be damaged by grinding. Nightguards look much like the nightguards that are often used for snoring.

Getting fitted for a nightguard often requires getting an impression made of your teeth and a guard made to fit them. With a precise fit, you can be confident in knowing that your teeth will be well protected during the night. If you have bruxism, this is an important tool that you need to use to spare your teeth the wear that it can cause.

If you have a habit of clenching or grinding your teeth, come in to be fitted for a nightguard to protect your teeth. Call us at North Florida Dentistryabout getting a nightguard made for your specific teeth.