Ridge Augmentation

After a tooth has been extracted, it may be necessary to perform a ridge augmentation. This is a common treatment that helps to get back the natural contour of your jaw and gums after that contour was lost to a dental problem or an extracted tooth. Once a tooth is removed, there is an empty socket that is still in the ridge of the bone. This socket generally heals by itself, and it fills back up with tissue and bone. However, the bone around that socket can break in some cases, and this leaves the socket unable to fully heal. When this happens, the socket will keep deteriorating.

Bone Grafting

When the bone deteriorates, it will keep getting smaller and less dense. This can have a number of effects on the jaw as well as to change the way the face looks. With ridge augmentation, the ridge can be rebuilt up to the height and width that it had before. This may be necessary because the patient is going to have a dental implant, or it may be done for cosmetic reasons. A ridge augmentation is a type of bone graft that is often done after a tooth extraction.

Not having enough bone means that there is not enough bone to hold onto a post for a dental implant. There has to be a certain amount of bone, and thickness of bone, to be able to support one of these implanted posts. The post will have to fuse with the bone to stay in place, and if there isn’t enough bone there, it isn’t possible.

To change this, there is ridge augmentation to boost the bone. To accomplish the ridge augmentation, We will put bone graft material into the empty socket. This may be done at the same time as the tooth extraction to save time later. After it is done, new bone grows in the area. After this has healed, the dentist can prepare the ridge for the placement of an implant.

Support for the Face

The bone in the jaws provides a lot of support for the face. When the bone has deteriorated and there is a need for a ridge augmentation, it can affect the look of the entire face. When the bone deteriorates, it affects the way the cheeks look, and many patients find that they aren’t happy with it. For patients who want to improve the look of their face but aren’t going to get a dental implant, a ridge augmentation can be done for cosmetic reasons.

The surgery isn’t a long one, and your comfort will be a priority throughout it. Generally, these surgeries are done with a local anesthesia that ensures that you will stay comfortable the entire time. However, if you have a lot of anxiety about the treatment or about dental treatments in general, you may need an IV sedation or to get nitrous oxide to help you to relax during the surgery.

We want you to be happy at every visit you make to North Florida Dentistry, and we go the extra mile to make sure that you are relaxed and comfortable. If you have bone that is deteriorating with no tooth in the socket, a ridge augmentation might be right for you. Call for a consultation with the dentist about your case and the possibility of a ridge augmentation.