LANAP Laser Treatment

LANAP laser treatment stands for the Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure. It uses a new leer technology to treat gum disease so that the patient can stay much more comfortable during the procedure. Instead of using traditional instruments for this type of treatment for gum disease, it uses a laser to remove just the tissue that is diseased. This makes it far less invasive, and it is a great way to improve a patient’s oral health. The laser can stimulate the regrowth of tissues and bone so that teeth can be saved that might have otherwise needed to be removed.

This technology is highly intelligent, and it is able to tell the difference between tissue that is healthy and tissue that needs to be removed. It is highly effective at killing bacteria, and it leaves healthy tissue in place without any harm to it. The FDA has cleared this laser for the treatment of gum disease, and no other lases have proven to be this effective and has this much research behind it.

Gum Disease

It’s important to get treatment for gum disease when you are diagnosed with it. Gum disease can cause other health problems in patients, so it’s always important to get the treatment recommended by the dentist. Gum disease can affect the teeth and the surrounding structures. When you do have gum disease and need treatment, this laser technology can make it easier for you to get it and can help you have a better chance of saving your teeth.

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