Oral Cancer Screening

When you have your six-month visit with us, we will conduct your oral cancer screening. If you don’t get regular dental exams, it’s easy for oral cancer to stay undetected. To get it diagnosed, you need these regular checkups. Our team will examine your mouth and gums to look for any discolorations, lesions, or other indications that you may have oral cancer. We also take a health history from you so that we can identify any risks that you have due to your lifestyle.

Early Detection of Oral Cancer

Just as with any type of cancer, it’s extremely important to get early detection so that you can get early treatment. Early detection and treatment are the keys to surviving these types of cancers. When oral cancer is erected early, it is one of the most curable of the many types of cancer. For that reason, we have an oral cancer screening as a part of each regular dental exam.

Getting an oral cancer screening is easy and painless, and it’s an important part of your oral health as well as your overall health. During a six-month dental exam, the dentist will look for any areas that look or feel out of place. Your tinge, inner cheek, and gums will all be checked for any bumps that could be an early sign of oral cancer.

The dentist will take your health history and ask about any sore places that you have had in your mouth. We will also check your head and face for any signs that you may have oral cancer. If there are any signs found, you will be told to see your regular doctor for a consultation about it.

Symptoms of Oral Cancer

There are many symptoms that people can get when they have a variety of oral cancer. This type of cancer can be found in any part of the mouth. That includes the gums, tongue, cheeks, lips, salivary glands, larynx, throat, pharynx, and in the sinuses. The many areas of the mouth that can be affected can lead to far-ranging symptoms that it’s important to watch out for. If you have any of the symptoms, it’s important to get evaluated for oral cancer quickly.

If you get lumps, sores, or other patches that are abnormal in your mouth, this can be a sign of oral cancer. You might also have teeth that are loose for seemingly no reason. If you get a sore throat, a feeling like there is a lump in your throat or hoarseness, and this condition lasts, it can also be a sign. You may get lesions on your lips or mouth that are white or red. Your gums may swell up. You may have a mouth that is tender or numb, or it may be your tongue that is tender or numb. You may find that you have a hard time moving your tongue or jaw for no clear reason.

These symptoms may mean that you have a serious condition that may require immediate treatment. Make sure that you are aware of any changes in your mouth so that you are aware of these symptoms. If you suspect that you have oral cancer, we can give you a screening at North Florida Dentistry.