PRP Treatment

Using platelet rich plasma in a medical therapy can help the body to heal faster. This has made it gain in popularity and use in many medical industries, including sports medicine. As more practitioners are using this method to help their patients heal, more and more uses for this therapy have been found. It has been found to be helpful in a number of dental treatments to help with a number of types of healing.

PRP treatment is often used today to help when a patient has a tooth extraction or a dental implant installed. This therapy can help the bone and the tissues grow more quickly. Today, this therapy is being used to help patients to relieve pain after an operation, to allow for faster repair of the tissues, and to reduce the time it takes to heal after a variety of procedures.

How PRP Therapy Works

The body has a natural capacity to heal itself, and PRP therapy accelerates that healing. It can allow the body to heal much faster by sending certain types of cells to the area that needs to heal and initiating that healing.

When this therapy is applied, the patient has their own blood drawn. That blood is then rapidly spun so that the platelets become concentrated. This blood with highly concentrated platelets will then have anywhere from three to five times as many growth factors than are normally found in blood.

That high platelet count is helpful for creating cells that are highly differentiated, and this can help it to rebuild tissue, with it being particularly effective at rebuilding bone. This can be incredibly helpful when someone needs to build up bone after a tooth extraction or in similar procedures.

It has been found that patients treated with this therapy after a tooth extraction healed much faster than those who weren’t. That makes this a valuable therapy for many patients.

The Benefits of PRP Therapy

In addition to it helping in rebuilding tissue and in bone growth, it can also help with a patient’s pain after a procedure. By helping an area to heal faster, the discomfort after a procedure is lowered, making for an easier healing time. When patients are older, they may not heal as quickly, and PRP therapy can help in those cases as well. After a tooth extraction, this therapy can significantly help other people to heal better.

It’s a reliable way to treat anyone who has undergone a tooth extraction or certain other dental procedures. That reliability has made many dental practitioners use this therapy to help their patients get back to their full function faster. And because it allows for faster healing after an extraction, it shrinks the time that patients have to wait to get a dental implant, dentures, and other dental prostheses.

If you are undergoing a procedure in which PRP treatment may be helpful, you may be treated with it to ensure a faster recovery. The natural healing time after the procedure can be significantly reduced by this therapy, and it can help with discomfort to the region. This is just one of the high-tech methods we use to help our patients to heal well and to get back to their normal lives after a dental procedure.

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