Gum Grafting

If the dentist told you that you need gum grafting, it’s a simple surgery that can do a lot of good for your teeth and your smile. It may sound like a difficult procedure, but it’s nothing to worry about. For patients who have receding gums, it can be a great procedure to have.

Gum grafting is often done when a patient has receding gums in order to protect their teeth from the damage that can cause to the teeth. It can also be done for cosmetic reasons to make you happier with the way your smile looks. Many people don’t like the look of gum recession, and this procedure reverses it for a healthier look.

Gum Recession

When the gums recede, the gum tissue around the teeth will separate from the teeth, and this exposes the root of the tooth or simply more of the tooth. This exposure can damage the tooth’s supporting bone. This can also cause a lot of discomfort or pain in the tooth. Many patients seek out this treatment because of this pain and the accompanying sensitivity.

It’s common for adults to get gum recession. It happens so gradually, you may not even notice it until it gets to be a severe case. However, as it continues, you may be unhappy with the way it looks or find that it causes the tooth to be highly sensitive when eating and drinking. If the gums are allowed to recede with any treatment, it can cause patients to lose teeth.

At North Florida Dentistry, we want you to be able to keep your natural teeth whenever possible, and we understand how important gum grafting can be to help you to do just that.

Getting a gum graft is a way to add more gum tissue to the area so that it is no longer receding. This reversal of the recession is important for the health of the teeth as well as the gums. Some people also choose gum grafting purely for cosmetic reasons, and this is also a good reason to have this procedure done.

There are different types of gum grafts available to patients, and the type you will need will depend on the condition and health of your gums. When you have more gums available for grafts, there are more possibilities available to you for gum grafting. The gum graft itself comes from elsewhere in your mouth, so the health of your gums is key.

Gradual Recession

It’s common for patients not to notice their gum recession until it is quite pronounced. Gum recession happens slowly over time, so it can be easy not to notice it. Many people notice the sensitivity of their teeth before they notice the recession of their gums in the mirror. As the root is more and more visible as the gums recede, foods and drinks that are hot or cold can be felt in these areas. If you have this sensitivity, talk to the dentist about it at your next cleaning and oral exam.

If you have gum recession, or you are noticing a lot of sensitivity of your teeth, be sure to talk to the dentist about it at your next appointment. Or, you can schedule a consultation appointment to examine your gums to look for recession. Then, a treatment plan for your gums can be made for you at North Florida Dentistry.