Sedation Dentistry

Many people worry about their experience when undergoing dental treatments, and we are here to allay those fears and to make sure that you are always as comfortable as possible. We have several options for sedation so that you are comfortable and don’t have fear about your treatment.

The various sedation options depend on the type of treatments you are having and how you are feeling about them. Your physical health is always paramount, but we also address how you feel as you begin your treatment. Your comfort needs are always a priority.

Anesthesia Options

We always listen to you to find out about any reservations you have about getting your treatment or about getting anesthesia. When you have your consultation with the dentist, they can explain the sedation and anesthetic options that you have available. We make sure that when your treatment is performed, you get the individual care that you need to help you with any fear or anxiety.

We can administer a local anesthetic in many cases. This numbs the area so that you don’t have any problems with pain or discomfort. These are quick injections into the areas being treated to black any pain impulses temporarily. This may be paired with another type of sedation if you have any fear of the procedure. This may be in the form of a pill that you take before you come in.

We also have ways to give you oral conscious sedation. This can help tremendously with fear and anxiety, and it is as easy as taking a pill. With this option, you stay fully awake and conscious. It’s a highly common way to alleviate fear in patients who have it when they visit the dentist. It can be used alongside local anesthetic when needed.

There are no injections, and it allows you to relax as you have your procedure. This is often done by prescribing you a pill that you will get from a pharmacy. Then, you will be told to either take it before you arrive or as soon as you arrive in order to relax you for your visit. You are unlikely to have any anxiety once this pill starts to work to relax you. If you choose this option, you will need to have someone drive you to and from your appointment.

Our office can also give you nitrous oxide, also called laughing gas. This can calm you enormously and allow you to be perfectly comfortable as you have your procedure done. The effects of nitrous oxide don’t last very long, and you will be able to drive yourself from your appointment. Another benefit is that it makes you highly relaxed but not unconscious during your appointment. You may also need a local anesthetic during your procedure.

Is It Safe to Get Anesthesia?

We perform a lot of our procedures with dental anesthesia and sedation. We are well-trained and use cutting-edge technology to make sure that the anesthesia you get is always safe and effective. We have a modern facility that is full of state-of-the-art equipment to monitor you and ensure your safety at all times.

If you need anesthesia, the dentist will go over your medical history and choose the best anesthesia option for your specific needs. We always want to provide you with excellent dental care that keeps you comfortable and gives you confidence.