CEREC One-Visit Crowns

You may already be familiar with the way traditional crowns are made. Usually, these appliances take at least two appointments. There is often a temporary crown made for the patient to wear while the permanent crown is being made. Then, there is another appointment needed for the permanent crown to be fitted and bonded.

There are many reasons that people need to have crowns made, and this is a common restorative treatment for patients. However, new technology has made it possible to get a crown made much faster so that it can all be done in just one visit.

These new crowns are also extremely lifelike and are made with the highest quality materials. These crowns can be used to replace crowns, to restore teeth that have decayed, and more.

How Does The CEREC One-Visit Crown Work?

To get your on-visit crown, the dentist will first take digital pictures of the affected tooth as well as your mouth and put them into the software that works with the CEREC system. Then, the system uses CAD/CAM technology to create a high-tech image of the tooth that will precisely fit with the dimensions of your own tooth. The CEREC software uses all of your mouth to create a tooth that will fit exactly and that will have an incredibly natural look.

With this image, the instructions for making your crown will them be sent to the machine that will make the crown, the CEREC milling machine. The crown will then be made during your visit. The software that is used with the machine is extremely accurate, so there are often no adjustments that need to be made once the crown is finished and fitted into place.

The CEREC Difference

When you have a CEREC one-visit crown made, there is no need to make a temporary crown. You will leave the visit with the permanent crown, so there is no need for that step. You will not have to have impressions made of your teeth in order to get this permanent crown. With this new technology, the tooth will e made in a color that matches your natural teeth, so there is no need to try to choose a color.

While traditional crowns have to have impressions that are sent out to a lab for the crown to be created, none of this is necessary. You also don’t have to come back in for a fitting and have a lot of adjustments made to it to make it fit well. There is no external lab needed, and the new crown is made while you wait.

Can I Get a CEREC Crown?

Many patients who need a crown can benefit from getting one of these new crowns. When you have your consultation or dental exam, the dentist will be able to tell you about the options available to you. We can tell you whether this is the best option for you and create your personalized treatment plan.

There are some situations in which a one-day crown may not be right, but for most patients, it’s a great way to get a crown faster and to get a high-quality crown that will look completely natural.

Call us at North Florida Dentistry to make your appointment for a consultation about the crown you need or to get your dental exam.