Do you do dental implants?

Yes, we have full facilities and the training needed to perform dental implants as well as other oral surgery as needed.

How often should I be brushing and flossing?

It’s ideal to brush and floss at least twice a day, with the best scenario being during the morning and at night. You should also get a checkup and dental cleaning twice a year.

Do you whiten teeth?

Yes, we have teeth whitening services for those who are good candidates for this treatment. Our treatments are made to be gentle on the teeth so that no damage is caused while lifting away stains. We have two different ways of whitening your teeth so that you can get the one best for you.

Do patients really need an electric toothbrush?

No, if a manual toothbrush is being used correctly, it can be just as effective as an electric one. You can talk to our team about how to brush more effectively with a manual model.

If I want my teeth to look better, do I have to get veneers?

No, there are many treatments that can be used to give you a smile makeover. These include inlays, gingival sculpting, teeth whitening, crowns, and more. We can talk to you about your specific needs and work up a treatment plan.

Are partial dentures and bridges different treatments?

Yes. Each is made to replace teeth that are missing. A partial adheres to other teeth with clasps and can be removed easily. A bridge is a permanent appliance that is attached to other teeth and is not removed.

Is a crown different from a cap?

Essentially, both are the same thing. However, some patients call a restoration method that is made from tooth-colored materials a cap and one that is made from stainless steel or gold a crown.

Will I have to see a separate oral surgeon?

No, we provide oral surgery here in our office.