Dental Hygiene/Exams

Every patient should have a dental checkup every six months as the foundation of oral hygiene. During your visit, you will get both a deep dental cleaning and a dental exam. A member of our team will examine your mouth and give you your full cleaning which includes both descaling and polishing. Then, our dentist will perform a thorough examination of your mouth that may include taking x-rays if needed.

Then, the dentist can assess your teeth, gums, mouth, and tongue and let you know whether you need any treatments to keep your mouth healthy. Our team can also talk to you about your dental hygiene and answer any questions you have.

Dental Cleanings

When you go to your dental cleaning and exam every six months, your dental cleaning from a member of our team will help to get your teeth as clean and shiny as possible. These cleanings use both descaling and polishing techniques to ensure that every visible part of your teeth is cleaned. This can help you to avoid any plaque from hardening on the surface of the tooth over time and continuing to build up. Our dental cleanings are performed by our highly experienced and knowledgeable team members for the best outcome possible.

During a dental cleaning, you may need to have some periodontal treatment needed. If this is necessary, our team will make sure that it’s done for the best health of your mouth.

For children, this is a great time to talk to them about dental health and how important it is for them to regularly clean their teeth at home. When children get regular checkups, they better understand the importance of dental health and will be better prepared to clean their teeth. They can develop a regular dental hygiene routine that can help them to avoid many dental problems in the future.

Comprehensive Dental Exams

Our dental exams are highly thorough so that the entire health of your teeth, gums, and mouth is assessed. The dentist will take a review of your health history, and digital x-rays will be taken when needed. Then we conduct a periodontal exam of your entire mouth. Your existing restorations will be charted, and an intraoral camera will be used to photograph the inside of your mouth in detail.

You will be screened for oral cancer as well as get an exam done on your neck and head. When you need it, you will also have a device used that can give you early detection of many cavities as well as let the dentist know how severe they are. Then we assess the way your teeth look, looking at their colors and shapes. The dentist will also do a TMJ exam and evaluate your teeth from an orthodontic point of view. Your oral evaluation will be comprehensive and will ensure that every part of your mouth is checked and evaluated.

These exams are an important way to take control of your oral health and to head off any smaller problems before they get larger. It’s also a great time to ask your questions and to get advice about caring for your teeth.

If you are in need of a dental exam and cleaning in Orange Park, we’re here for you. Give us a call at North Florida Dentistry today for a six-month exam and cleaning.