Like other medical industries, dentistry is benefiting from a number of brand new technologies and new discoveries in the field. Technology has always been an important part of dentistry, and these days, the technology is changing quickly to allow treatments where few were available before.

At our office, the latest technology is at the forefront of treating our patients. We always want patients to be as comfortable as possible and to get the best treatments available today, and our use of the latest technologies can help us to accomplish these goals.

Offering more comfort and faster healing times are just some of the ways that the latest in dental technology can help you with your dental health and healing. It’s always helpful to use the latest discoveries to help patients to have better outcomes and a better experience overall.

New Technology All Around

The newest in dental technology is all around us, and it’s even present in our homes. With Bluetooth-enabled toothbrushes, we can get a much clearer picture of how we are brushing and to make sure that we brush long enough. There are now dental apps to help you track your oral hygiene, and there are always new and better toothbrushes on the market.

Talk to the dentist about all of the latest in dental technology to find out more. You may be surprised to hear about some of the new products that are entering the marketplace.

New Therapies in the Office

Science is making great inroads toward creating new and exciting treatments that can solve a number of dental problems. Many patients today are getting PRP therapy to help them to heal faster after a dental extraction. This therapy uses the patient’s own blood to create a serum that is perfect for getting the body to heal faster and to lessen discomfort. This is just one type of cutting-edge technology that is being used in our office.

CEREC one-visit crowns are another new type of technology that we are using. These crowns use CEREC technology to enable us to create your new crown and to place it all during the same appointment.

Traditional crowns generally take at least two visits so that the crown can be fabricated just for you. Today with this new breakthrough, that no longer has to be the case. These crowns can be used to restore teeth that have decayed or to take out old fillings and replace them with a crown with just a single appointment needed.

Digital x-rays are another important technology that we’re using to make your visits easier and your care even better. These are fast and give us a lot of information about your teeth. We can also use an intraoral camera when needed to get an amazing look inside your mouth. We even have laser treatments that can be used in the place of traditional surgery for a better outcome and an easier experience.

With all of the latest technologies being used in the office, it’s no wonder we are the top dental officein the area. You can expect top-quality care at North Florida Dentistry. We are always up to date with the breakthrough technologies that are making dental work easier and faster for patients. Come in for your appointment and get the best care in the region that uses the latest in dental technology.