Root Canals/Endodontics

Endodontics is a dentistry branch that is all about the pulp of the teeth. The pulp of the tooth is soft tissue that is inside of a tooth, and it goes down into the center of the tooth’s roots. Few dentists have the specialized training needed to be endodontists. At North Florida Dentistry, we offer endodontics services such as root canals so that you don’t have to go to different specialists for your convenience.

Getting Root Canals

The goal is always to help you to keep your natural teeth, and a root canal can help you to do that. When a tooth’s pulp is infected or inflamed, a root canal may be recommended for you. There are many reasons that a tooth may become inflamed or infected, such as tooth decay, tooth grinding that goes on for a long time, many treatments being done on one tooth, cracks in the tooth, or chips. When a tooth is injured, there may be no cracks visible, but the tooth’s pulp may have damage that requires a root canal to treat that pulp. In all of these cases, getting a root canal can help you to keep the tooth.

The roots of the teeth resemble canals, giving the name to root canals. Infected or inflamed pulp can be highly painful, and it can eventually bring on an abscess. Our dentist, will have a consultation with you if you are in need of a root canal to explain the process and why it is needed.

When the root canal is conducted, it’s a fairly simple procedure. The tooth will be isolated with the proper equipment so that no bacteria or saliva get into the tooth that is being treated. An opening is made into the tooth’s crown. The pulp is then cleaned away, and the area is shaped so that it will be ready for a filling material to be added. Then, after the tooth has been shaped and cleaned, the dentist will fill in your tooth’s root canals and seal them with resin. Once the roots have been sealed, a hard restoration is placed into the tooth to keep the roots sealed off from the rest of the mouth. After your root canal, a crown will be made for your tooth so that the top portion looks just like your natural tooth. The crown will be fully functional.

Keeping You Comfortable

Root canals are not painful to get. You will have a local anesthetic before the procedure is performed so that you feel no pain. You may also have sedation or other comfort measures if they are needed for your own comfort. We strive to ensure that the procedure is easy for you and that your comfort is a priority of your care.

Once the procedure is completed. It’s important to take care of the crown just as you would your natural teeth. They need to be brushed and flossed every day just like your other teeth. You also need to keep getting your six-month cleanings and dental exams for the health of your teeth and mouth.

If you are in need of a root canal for your dental health, give us a call at North Florida Dentistry. We are well-versed in this important treatment, and we have a highly knowledgeable staff to care for you.