Oral Surgery

In addition to so many general dentistry services, North Florida Dentistry also offers oral surgery services. Oral surgery is any type of surgery that is done to or around the patient’s mouth or jaw. There are a number of kinds of oral surgery, including root canals and tooth extraction as well as putting dental implants into place. It also may be tumor removal or other oral surgeries that are necessary.

A few other common oral surgeries include removing impacted wisdom teeth, maxillofacial surgery, repositioning of the jaw, gum grafting, and the repair of the teeth and jaws after an injury. Periodontal surgery, or gum surgery, is a type of oral surgery that is commonly needed for receding gums and similar problems.

Convenience With North Florida Dentistry

While most dental practices have to refer you to a different practice to get your oral surgery, every step of your surgery can be done right here in our office. This saves you time and ensures that everything is done seamlessly and conveniently. All of your information can be easily seen by our dentists so that we have all of the information about your dental health and health history.

In addition, patients have the benefit of our commitment to patient comfort throughout their oral surgery procedures. We have many different sedation and anesthetic solutions that can be used to keep you comfortable and pain-free no matter which type of surgery you have.

Getting Oral Surgery

When you have oral surgery, the preparation for it and the healing period afterward are important to the success of the surgery. Be sure to follow the dentist’s direction for both so that you allow your body to heal as well as possible. The healing time depends on the type of surgery you receive.

Before you get your oral surgery, there are a few ways to get prepared. You can ensure that the home you will return to is neat and clean so that you won’t be vulnerable to germs in the environment and to ensure your comfort while you heal. You may be asked to set up your bed so that it is at an incline to help with your healing. You will also be given a list of instructions to follow before and after the surgery. Don’t forget to arrange your transportation if you are being sedated. If you are getting a local anesthetic, you will be able to drive yourself.

After you have had your oral surgery, it’s important to take the time you need to recover. You may be told to use an icepack to keep the inflammation down. It’s often recommended to rinse your mouth with salt water instead of brushing and flossing after oral surgery. You may need to eat a certain type of food, such as soft foods, for a few days after your surgery. Your oral surgery healing time may be as short as 48 hours, or it may be a few weeks. During that time, be sure to watch for any changes and follow up with the dentist as is recommended to you after your surgery.

At North Florida Dentistry, we are proud to be able to offer a full range of oral surgery types for our patients. It’s a great way to make your dental health more convenient for you. When you need oral surgery, you can count on us.