Athletic Mouthguards

When you engage in athletic activities, you may need an athletic mouthguard to protect your teeth as well as the rest of the interior of your mouth from becoming injured during an impact. Sports, especially contact sports, can result in contact that can cause injury to the jaw as well as the teeth and can even help to reduce or prevent a concussion. Athletic mouthguards are now used in all contact sports from young children all the way up to professional players.

Playing Sports

When you play sports, there is always the chance of a trauma or injury happening to your mouth. Many people suffer from mouth injuries from sports every year, and in many cases, this can lead to tooth, mouth, and jaw problems. Playing sports often comes with a risk of something hitting the mouth. This may be a fast-moving ball or another player. It may also be crashing to the ground and bumping your mouth. When this happens, a lot of damage can be done.

Wearing a mouthguard every time you play is a good way to prevent many of the tooth and mouth injuries that can happen. They’re easy to wear, and they are highly protective of your teeth. When you suffer a blow during sports, it can actually cause an injury to the base of the skull by causing a hit to the chin. This can cause a concussion in the player. Wearing a mouthguard can protect against that as well.

Playing basketball may not seem like a sport that requires a mouthguard, but contact with the mouth does happen, often from elbows to the face. Of course, football is a high-contact sport and requires a mouthguard to prevent many types of injuries. Playing soccer comes with a risk of a ball to the face or a fall that affects the mouth. Baseball comes with the risk of the ball hitting the mouth as well as the impact from falling. Hockey comes with a host of risks, including contact with a hockey stick or a puck as well as contact with other players.

Other sports, such as horseback riding, come with their own risks of contact and falling. Most sports should include the use of athletic mouthguards in order to make them safer.

Wearing an Athletic Mouthguard

When you wear one of these appliances, it absorbs some of the energy from a collision and disperses the shock energy. That can keep the teeth from vibrating and suffering from damage. There is a push right now to implement the use of mouthguards at all levels of sports. Even young children should use a mouthguard when they play, as they face the same dangers as any other players. It’s important for players and coaches to encourage the wearing of athletic mouthguards. It’s best if they are required in order to play the sport.

You can get a mouthguard made by our team at North Florida Dentistry. When you have your mouthguard made, it is made to precisely fit your mouth so that it offers excellent protection against injuries and trauma. We know just how important these appliances are, and we can make yours so that you are better protected while playing sports. Give us a call to set up an appointment to have a mouthguard made.