Intraoral Camera

Intraoral cameras are a great new innovation in the world of dentistry that is changing some of the routine of dental appointments. It is a camera that gives you an amazing view of each and every tooth, allowing the dentist to more easily diagnose problems and to allow you to make more informed decisions about your treatment.

These cameras are attached to a computer that is located near the dental chair. The camera uses a small wand that can be placed into the mouth, and it creates a video of the inside of the mouth. This video can then be magnified 30 times or more to give the dentist a highly detailed look at the inside of your mouth and all of the teeth. The camera is a valuable way to get a look at what’s happening inside your mouth, and it’s perfectly comfortable to use.

Intraoral cameras can expose problems that would be otherwise hidden. There are some conditions that can show symptoms that are easy to miss at first, and this imaging system allows those to be seen more easily. When the dentist can show you evidence of problems, it can help you to understand them better and to make more informed decisions about your dental care and any dental treatments that you may need.

The camera itself looks kind of like a pen in its shape and size. It has a disposable covering over it so that it is always clean and ready to be used. The wand is placed into the mouth and then rotated so that all of the teeth can be seen and recorded. This camera requires no radiation to be used, and it is a highly versatile tool for diagnostics.

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