Comfortable care for relaxed dental visits.

We want to see you smile

We care about the health and comfort of our patients at North Florida Dentistry in Orange Park. Come and see us for all your dental needs at Orange Park’s North Florida Dentistry. You’ll have a lot to smile about in Orange Park when you see our team at North Florida Dentistry.

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Your Comfort Is Key

At North Florida Dentistry, we strive to make sure you are comfortable from the moment you walk through our doors until you leave our care. Everyone from the front desk staff to our knowledgeable dentists works together to make sure you get the dental care you need in a relaxed, comfortable environment.

Your dentistry services will always be discussed with you ahead of time, either in a treatment planning session or a consultation. We want to make sure you always feel informed and your questions about dental care are answered to your satisfaction.

If you are ever nervous about getting dental care, you aren’t alone. Many people worry about their comfort in the dental chair. However, we take special care to make sure that you are comfortable no matter what type of treatment you are getting. You can also discuss any concerns with our knowledgeable team.

Services Offered

For patients of North Florida Dentistry, there is a wide range of services available for your convenience. Instead of having to go to many different practitioners to get the care you need, you can get it all here from our team. We offer preventive care to help you keep your teeth healthier and have a lower risk of developing cavities and other problems. We have restorative care to fix any issues you have so that your smile is as healthy as possible. We also offer many cosmetic dental services to keep your smile brighter as well as healthier.

Restorative Dentistry

Our restorative dentistry services make your smile more beautiful as well as helping with the health of your mouth. Learn more >

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry is about making your smile look great, but it’s also about dental strength and health. Learn more >

Your Patient Experience

We care about every aspect of your experience with us, and we take care to ensure that your teeth are cared for and healthy. With so many services available, you will have convenient visits from the same office for many different treatments and procedures. This is an easier way for you to get the dental treatments you need all in one place.

We have a dedicated and experienced team who can discuss all of your dental choices with you. You can trust that everyone here at our office is there to make sure that you get the care you need for strong and healthy teeth and gums. You can count on our team to provide first-class care to every patient who comes in.

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North Florida Dentistry

Our Special Services

We are a full-service dental practice that has periodontal services available as well as oral surgery. This makes it easy to go from your dental exam to any treatments you need all in one place. Dental surgery treatments include tooth extractions and dental implants among others. Periodontal treatments focus on your gums and making sure they are healthy and look great. From gum grafting to scaling and root planing, we offer the services you need for healthier gums. Gum disease can be serious, so don’t wait to get your periodontal services from us at North Florida Dentistry.