Implant-Support Dentures

Today, many people who are getting dentures are getting the implant-supported type, and it’s easy to see why. They have higher function and better durability than with traditional dentures. When a patient gets implant-supported dentures, they are better able to chew better and have an appearance that is more natural. Implant-supported dentures are also known as overdentures.

Implants to Support Dentures

These dentures are held in place by at least two implants. These are titanium posts that are implanted into the jaw to hold the overdentures that snap into place. This allows the dentures to have minimal slippage as well as to have better function and greater strength. They are highly durable, and they are snapped into place permanently. These are not removable dentures. They can only be removed by the dentist, so they don’t have to be taken out every night and cleaned.

When a patient gets this type of denture, they are getting support that is more effective for the bone structure as well as being highly strong. They also tend to be more comfortable for patients to wear. They don’t require the use of a denture fixative to keep them in place. Because they are snapped into place they stay in place at all times.

To get this type of denture, it is done in stages. There are at least two implants that have to be implanted into the jawbone first. This is a surgery that you will be sedated for to keep you comfortable throughout it.

Then, there has to be enough time for the tissues around the implants to heal. This can take a few months. During that healing time, the implants will fuse with the bone. While the patient heals, traditional dentures are made that they can wear during that time as a temporary measure to replace the teeth. After the healing process is done, new dentures are made and the implants are uncovered so that the new dentures can be snapped into place.

Looking and Feeling Great

Once they are in place, they will work like your natural teeth. They will also look just like them. They will be the color you want them to be, and they will look like natural teeth. It’s great for patients to get the full use of teeth and to have them look so good at the same time. If you don’t tell people that you have these dentures, they should not be able to tell.

Many people choose to get implant-supported dentures because they don’t require any more care than natural teeth. They are easy to wear, and patients are happy to smile when wearing them and know that there will be no slippage. It gives you a good chewing function as well as a natural look. They are more durable than traditional dentures, and they are recommended for a wide range of patients who have lost their teeth.

Not everyone is a good candidate for these dentures, but they are good for people who may not have enough bone for getting multiple individual implants. They are commonly recommended for people who have bone loss for this reason.

To find out whether these dentures might be right for you, you can give us a call to set up a consultation appointment with Dr. Tron.